United Games Affiliate Program

We are now taking on NEW Affiliates to promote UNITED GAMES

As we release the Affiliate portion of this experience, this is INTENTIONALLY EXCLUSIVE. This means that we are NOT allowing for a code to be posted, blasted, or spammed. It is meant to be shared one on one, and therefore each invitation needs a unique code, created during the invitation process.
When the game itself goes live, and it’s time to tell the world to play along, this will change dramatically and you will be given a code that can be posted, blasted and pasted! We want players everywhere knowing about this FREE app, and we want them to download and play along.
Please keep in mind, we aren’t wanting every person in the world to be an Affiliate. We want good Affiliate partners who understand the opportunity. We want them to know what they are committing to and that is done person to person. However, when the app is released, you will be given open access to share one code with thousands of people if you want to.

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1. Get paid every time someone you share the app with gets a token

2. Get paid when you invite others to play with you




3. Build an affiliate team and get paid as they share and play Apps are Exploding Current

• 100 Billion apps downloaded

• $45 Billion in revenue 2017 projections

• 268 billion app downloads

• Over $200 Billion in revenue Games Dominate! $500,000 – $1.5 million DAILY! 20,000 – 120,000 downloads daily Fantasy & Sports Fans

• 56 million Americans play fantasy

• 290 million people watch sports

• 8.7 hours per week for fantasy

• 18 hours per week as a sports fan If over 90% of Americans are sports fans, but only 20% play fantasy, why don’t the majority of fans play?

Why NOT Fantasy?

1. They feel like it’s gambling

2. Fantasy changes the game

3. Fantasy threatens loyalty

4. It’s too difficult to get started

5. Low chances of winning

6. And the list goes on!

The better way to play

• A true game experience

• Loyalty to “your team”

• Play by yourself or with friends

• Everyone wins, every time!

• All experience levels

• Game by game experience

Now it’s your turn!

What if YOU get a piece of the next hot app?

We are offering a group of exclusive Affiliates the chance to help us promote and share the app.

• Fun

• Simple

• Affordable $29.95 once $10/month

How does it work?

1. Users download a FREE app

2. Tokens are acquired through:

•In-app purchases

• Benefit-loaded subscriptions

• FREEMIUM play and advertising

Affiliates that share the app, can get a piece of all types of revenue.

So what’s your job if you decide to become an Affiliate?

Share a FREE app!

The better way to play

• Play because you love the game

• Play to compete with your friends

• Play to earn rewards

Become a United Games Affiliate

Step 1: Enroll

Step 2: Start Inviting

Step 3: Build your Team

The Plan

Stage 1: Create a base of affiliates

Stage 2: App goes live (Fall 2016)

Stage 3: Affiliates share with players

Stage 4: Players share with players

Stage 5: Create a viral frenzy

Play Tokens Earn Points Get Rewards

Acquire Tokens

Improve Rank

Premiere Gamemakers Former EA sports game designers are working to create the ultimate United Games platform! These designers have already brought you some of the leading sports games on the market including: • Madden Football • NCAA Football • NASCAR

CLICK HERE to see a Presentation and to see the Business Plan in a .PDF Document

United games independent affiliate

CLICK HERE to see the full Compensation Plan for the Affiliates.  GET PAID !