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Looking for exciting and fun filled mobile games? Puzzles lover? Arcade maniac? Trivia lover? No matter what sort of games you like, we have them all for you. Packed with lots of fun and challenge, you will love the intense yet exciting game play with beautiful graphics and sounds to keep you occupied for hours of endless fun!

Current Mobile Games Apps within Game Loot Network Include:

Frozen Treat Frenzy: Switch and Match Ice Cream for Great Explosions!  Challenge your Friends!  Enter tournaments!

Blue Yonder Battle: The Ultimate Air Combat Game.  Cooperative and Competitive Modes.  Fly Highly Detailed WWII Top Aces Planes.

Rogue Valet: Test your driving skills in this intense and “rogue” game of driving.

Trivia Loot: Gain loot for your Trivia Skills… Got Loot?

Round Ball Escape: Looks easy – but is it?

Loot Flyer: Fun way to earn and collect Loot!

Ninja Runner: Run Ninja Run!

Road Battle: Can you handle the Road?

Loot Hub: This is the main Mobile Game App that connects you to them all.  The Next Evolution in Mobile App Entertainment.

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Mobile App Gaming Industry – Statistics and Future

July 28, 2016

The Mobile Game and Gaming Industry has taken us by storm. The time people spend playing games is expected to increase by almost 460% over next seven years, to an expected 260 minutes.  This is where the free time of all types and ages of Mobile Phone users are going too.

Who doesn’t like to play mobile games? Some people play it to relieve stress, some play it to pass time, some play because they are addicted to any and all kinds of games and some play to earn money online.  We have access to it all – CLICK HERE – and get going.

I personally play mobile games daily… playing literally 5 or 6 favorites throughout the day.  If I find myself waiting in lines, or waiting on a loved one at a store, or whenever I’m not doing anything else… I’ll be checking in on my mobile games.  Sometimes I even walk to a nearby park, and sit under a tree and play and relax.

Mobile Gaming App Industry – Statistics

It is very apparent that Mobile App games have a huge contribution towards the high growth rate of mobile media usage (including games). On the global level, the industry has generated 24.4 billion U.S. dollars in revenue, out of which 17 billion was attributed to smartphone gaming and the remaining 7.4 billion to tablet gaming. The total figure is expected to grow to more than 44.2 billion by 2018. That same year smartphone games are estimated to account for 27 percent of the games market revenue, and together with tablet gaming revenues that number will add up to 39 percent. In terms of consumers, sources calculated that in mid 2014, there were 1.48 billion mobile gamers worldwide; half of them were located in the Asia Pacific region. North America came fourth, after MENA and Western Europe, with 152 million mobile gaming enthusiasts.

Global Industry Overview

Mobile contents market value worldwide from 2011 to 2019 (in billion U.S. dollars:

mobile games


U.S. Industry Overview

Mobile gaming revenue in the United States from 2013 to 2016 (in billion U.S. dollars):

mobile app


Market Leaders

Digital revenue from full-game downloads generated by Electronic Arts in US Dollars:

mobile games

Revenue generated by Supercell from 2012 to 2013 in million U.S. dollars:

mobile games

Annual revenue of from 2010 to 2015 (in million U.S. dollars):

mobile games

Player Demographics

Number of mobile phone gamers in the U.S. from 2011 to 2020:

mobile app

Mobile phone gaming penetration in the U.S. from 2013 to 2020:

mobile app
Weekly time children spent playing mobile games:

mobile games

Average annual consumer spending on mobile games per capital in the U.S:

mobile app

Who’s Playing Games?

Games are equally popular in all genders and ages. No matter what person you find, they will have some game in their mobile phones, computers or consoles that they are addicted to. Let’s see who is playing what and where.  (I know for a fact that all my friends play games on their mobile phones and computers and game systems at home on a regular basis.  Some throughout the week, and many throughout the day).

Americans Alone Play about 60% Games.

In America alone, over 150 million people play games. 150 million people spread over a vast variety of backgrounds, ages, genders, socioeconomic statuses. We all are enjoying different sorts of games, hidden objects, action, adventure, puzzles and much more.

Average Age of Gamers.

American mobile gamers between the ages of 18 and 24 were reported to have the highest average of games downloaded on a monthly basis, followed by 25 to 34 year olds, with 2.77 game installs per gamer among that age group. Surprised? Don’t be. Games are not just for kids anymore. Most of the gaming giants are developing games keeping young adults and adults in mind. The level of difficulty, how much you need to think in the games show what age group they are suitable for.

Video Games and Children

Under 18 gamers: 29%

Video games are no longer seen as for kids only. In fact, it seems as though that image has changed almost entirely. Don’t get me wrong, obviously there are still games intended as entertainment for kids. However, more gamers are over the age of 50 than under 18. We’re also seeing video games as educational tools to help improve focus and concentration in children.

74% of K-8 teachers use digital games in the classroom

The instructors report that video games increase motivation and engagement in their students. 4 out of 5 of video game-implementing teachers use games created exclusively for educational purposes.

It’s not just teachers who are using games to assist in educating the youth of today.56% of parents say video games positively affect their children.

Mobile Gaming Revenue

This statistic presents the share of mobile gaming revenue as percentage of total mobile download and in-app revenues in the United States. In 2014, mobile gaming revenues accounted for 29.3 percent of total mobile download and in-app revenues, excluding advertising. In 2016, this share is projected to grow to 31.7 percent.  And it is already looking to surpass even those numbers.

mobile app

Mobile Gaming Industry – Future

The entire mobile gaming industry is something that big-box developers and hardcore gamers would probably rather just ignore. But the revenues of these mobile games is far past the point of ignoring now.  When games like Angry Birds hit the market, they seem innocuous and cute at first, but when they turn around and sell half a billion copies, the gaming industry finally listens. Unfortunately for hardware developers like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, the mobile gaming industry is just starting to hit its stride, which means that there’s very little chance of it fizzling any time soon. In fact, many industry analysts are predicting a gigantic boom in the very near future, which should make any company that targets casual gamers, a la Nintendo’s, extremely nervous.

All the while, the mobile gaming market is expanding. For instance, women make up only 1/3rd of the console and PC gaming market, but they make up a whooping 47% of the mobile gaming market. For developers, this means that the overall customer base is distinctly larger and continuing to grow. So when companies like Nintendo effectively ignore the mobile gaming market, they are also ostracizing millions of potential customers.

mobile app


All of this is compounded when you consider that mobile games dominate the app store purchases made by smartphone users. Roughly 64% of smartphone users have downloaded a game within the last 30 days, if they’ve downloaded anything at all. By now, this will probably be unsurprising, but I’ll say it anyway; games make up the largest percentage of software sales in the mobile phone market.


mobile app

Statistics and facts about Mobile App Monetization

Mobile apps are software applications designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. They are typically available through native distribution platforms called app stores. App stores are usually operated by the owners of the mobile operating system but third-party app stores such as the Amazon Appstore or Samsung’s Galaxy Apps also exist. The most popular operating system-native stores are Apple’s App Store, Google Play, as well as the Windows Phone Store and BlackBerry App World.

Whereas most apps are free, some are only available as paid downloads. Monetization of free-to-download mobile apps through in-app commerce or advertising is becoming more and more prevalent among app developers. For paid mobile apps, a share of the revenue goes to the distributor and the rest to the app developer. App revenue and monetization potential can vary by geographical region and by operating system.

Whereas mobile apps were originally offered as productivity and information retrieval tools such as calendars, e-mail, stock market and weather information, the market has rapidly expanded due to public demand and availability of developer tools. Currently, some of the most popular app categories include games, entertainment and education.

The expansion of the app market has furthermore assisted in the rise of social gaming, highlighted by the launch of the Facebook App Center. The social network’s app center heavily features social gaming apps by developing companies such as Zynga, Rovio Entertainment, wooga and EA Games.

Picture: Apple App Store


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