I came from the “Boonies”, a simple farm girl, born and raised. My Dad farmed with my Mom’s help and the kids pitched in when and where we could. At a young age, if my mom was helping dad, I had a note on the kitchen counter or kitchen table that explained what to fix for supper.

This became my job, my chores, almost daily and as a result of all this experience, I decided to put into a series of books, what I learned over the years.

This particular COOKBOOK includes Simple Recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation.  From the time I was a small child, FOOD and FAMILY were a huge influence in my life. Of course, as you may have guessed, they still are!  Generations of the Davis and VanEaton families have worked the fields and still appreciate the love of FAMILY and FOOD.

These are recipes that take me back in time with smells and tastes and I am sure they will do the same thing for you.  They awaken loving Memories and Feelings of Family. I can still hear the laughter and giggles where I stand or sit. My cousins and I still talk about hiding under the dining room table to tape record our Moms’ laughter. What a priceless Memory!

In this COOKBOOK, not only will you find these recipes but you will also read a few old stories and view some old photos that will give you even more insight into the origins of many of these recipes.

So, I present to you, this cookbook, with the Generational Recipes, along with Lots of Spoonfuls of LOVE, from My Family to Yours!



Book is Spiral Bound so that it will always lay open and flat

Book is 122 pages

There are 71 recipes

Very easy to read and understand


I just received your wonderful cookbook!  It is AWESOME!  I read it cover to cover. The quotes

and photos are perfect….sweet, fun and entertaining.  Thank you for bringing back memories.

Your labor of love is really special………..Jody

Thank you Krista for sharing your Families Recipes.  What a Blessing!……….MaryAnn

Thank you so much for the Special Cookbook.  It will mean more that just recipes……….Michelle

I Love this book!  Purchased 5, kept one and gave the other 4 to my family.  Thank you……….Tammy

This is AWESOME!  All my 4 kids were given one of these for their families………..Rhonda

I just received your cookbook and it is so fun and inspiring to read………..MaryKay

I love your cookbook.  I am making the Mini Meatloaves right now……….Jamie

I have already made Aunt P’s Snickerdoodles for the grandkids.  They loved them!……….Shari

Sample pages including the Farm where I was raised and a couple of the Main Category Pages.

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This Cookbook “Food That Takes You Home Again” brings you back to a simpler time, and it does it in the most delicious way possible.  It allows you to go back in time, and adds full flavor and delight to your taste buds.

This is time tested delights and treasured recipes from Gramma Krista to you.  This is not available in the Stores, and is available online, here and now… it makes for an amazing and one of a kind gift for anyone that loves food and loves to cook.  There are so many delights and comforts, and yet healthy.

Finding that balance of health and taste couldn’t be more pleasant than when using the Recipes here in “Food That Takes You Home”.

Get one for yourself, and one for all those you want to share in this Food and Comfort celebration.  CLICK HERE to ORDER

Explore the wonders of food again with Gramma Krista and her amazing and delicious recipes the entire family will enjoy.  This is truly a Cookbook that should be in every cook’s kitchen, right next to the mixer!

What a great way to share in American Food heritage, and an amazing gift for anyone.  If you are outside of the US – you have no idea what you are missing in the food wonders contained in “Food That Takes You Home and you would instantly be a Dinner Visit favorite as you share these time tested healthy recipes of American Comfort.